Canadian Provinces Show US States How To Move On Online Gambling



In the US, several states are considering regulating online poker, and any of those states would be considered pioneers in the online gambling movement in the US. On a global scale, however, one needs to only look North of the US to see how individual jurisdictions can move forward with online gambling without federal laws.

Saskatchewan has become the latest province to discuss possible online casino regulations, following in the footsteps of Ontario, British Columbia, and several other provinces. The framework is simple enough, create the laws and start taking advantage of a billion dollar industry.

In the US, lawmakers cannot figure out which way to go on the Internet gambling issue. On a federal level, Representative John Campbell proposed a bill that would regulate online poker throughout the country. Conservatives control the House, however, so it is likely that Campbell’s bill will be blocked.

Although Campbell himself is Republican, he does not have the full support of those in his own party. Instead, the representative will count on co-sponsor Rep. Barney Frank to rally the Democratic base to vote in favor of the online gambling bill.

Individual states such as Florida, Iowa, California, and Hawaii have legislation on the table that would regulate Internet gambling. It is more likely that one of these states will create online gaming laws before the federal government. If that is the case, the US could see something similar to what has happened in Canada.

“Once one state jumps into the water, many others will likely follow,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “As has been the case in Canada, the first law change is always the toughest, then, after that, other states become comfortable with change.”

Saskatchewan was facing a similar problem to the one found in the states. Millions of dollars was being spent by local residents at online gaming sites that were not regulated by the government. Saskatchewan lawmakers are hoping to grab a piece of the revenue pie starting in the near future.

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