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If you’re used to playing casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City then you’re going to love the thrill and excitement of knowing that you no longer have to hop on a plane and fly a couple hours to get some gaming in. Nor will you ever have to wait in line for check in at your favorite hotel Vegas.

It can all be done from the relieve of your home or office. Imagine being able to play a 5 reel 15 pay line slot while sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite movie. Well its reality and you don’t have to imaging because it’s true. I regularly grab my laptop sit myself down in front of the T.V watch a couple episodes of Sopranos or a movie and play my game which is blackjack for hours.

Another question many people ask who have never played online before is whether the quality of the games and the smoothness of the game play online casinos is similar to that of what you’d expect to find if you were to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. I’ve been to Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, and Bahamas and all over the world and have played at a lot of land based casinos and to be honest with you I don’t miss it at all.

I have more fun playing online and have more variety of online gambling games to play online then I ever would at a land based casino. Take slots for a prime example online at a Microgaming Viper powered casino you’ll be able to choose from and play well over 70 slots variations.

These range from several 3 reel and 5 reel multiple pay line slots to progressives jackpots that have jackpots of up and over 1.0 million dollars at time and a slew of other slots games for you to play. If your a blackjack player like myself then you’ll be enjoy over 7 blackjack variations if you play at a Microgaming casino.

And if you’d like to play with other players then you can go to a casino like Inter Casino and play with other players as they offer multi-player blackjack. Really there’s something for everyone no matter what your game you’ll find it and much more at an online gambling casino.

So you may be wonder if online casinos and more specifically the internet casino games are cheating you. It’s pretty much impossible for an online casino such as Inter Casino or Roxy Palace or any of the casinos you’ll find featured here on my site for that matter to cheat you.

They all have their payout percentages audited every month by some of the largest accounting firms in the world. In addition the RNG’s and software both are tested as well regularly to ensure they are fair and paying out players properly. Generally the payout percentages you should expect to receive when you play at an internet casino online are between 96 – 98% return.

This is different from game to game but if you take a leading online casino such as Roxy Palace they had a payout rate of 97% overall for 2004, which means they operate on a 3% margin. So you may wonder how a casino can function on only 3%.

Well online casinos don’t have nearly the amount of overhead for infrastructure, buildings, staff, supplies, etc… As land based casinos do so as a result online casinos can pay online casino players more frequently than land based casinos can.

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